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» One Direction


coca-cola . nc-17 . 7200 words
After a terryfing encounter in a mini-market, Harry receives the power to hear people's thoughts, supposedly given to him to help him find his true love. Only things are a bit more complicated than that.

oceans in the sky calling me in . nc-17 . 3800w
For the prompt: 'During the Welligton Show, Louis is wearing Harry's clothes and Harry can't handle it. Possessive sex happens!'

health class . nc-17 . 2500w
For the prompt: Harry and Louis get together at a party and then discover how Sex ED is the work of the devil.'

*****greedy hearts . pg-13 . 14,000w
Ziam sidepairing. Sometimes, when you’re young and careless and trouble seems to be miles away from you, your heat gets eaten. AU where Louis doesn't have a heart and Harry doesn't care.

sing me to sleep . pg . 400w
Harry has troubles falling asleep.


love's a bitch . nc-17 . 700w
They’re both broken. Young and stupid, they practically threw their hearts away and there’s nothing they can do to fix themselves, but it sure as fuck won’t hurt them more either.


a whole new world . nc-17 . 3900w
For the prompt Flight attendant!AU. Liam is a pilot and Louis is one of his flight attendants. Cue sex in one of the airplane bathrooms.'

something to do with my hands nc-17 . 1800w
"Louis has a thing. Actually, he has many things like money, friends and clothes, but this one thing is special. For one, it's a secret. Not one of those tell-anyone-and-you-will-die kind of secret, more like tell-anyone-and-you-will-probably-get-really-fucking-embarrassed. So Louis, being the member of a major pop star band that he is, often doesn't talk about his secret. In fact, he's never told a living soul about it, not even his mom, and Louis tells his mom everything. You see, Louis' secret is that he has a thing for hands."

when you are here, music is all around . pg-13 . 5200w
Some people are firm believers that you should never leave your Christmas shopping until the last available minute. Louis Tomlinson is not one of those people.
Against all apparent odds, neither is Liam Payne.

*****i like saturdays and the rocket summer . pg-13 . 3200w
Louis shaves Liam's chin because he doesn't believe Liam is capable of doing it himself. Liam isn't very okay with this.

scratches blazing red pg-13 . 300w
Louis fixes Liam's wounds.


21st century vampires don't kill people  nc-17 . 25,000w
A vampire!AU where Zayn and Louis are two vampires living in the big city, dying to explore the night world. Well, Louis is. Zayn just doesn't know how to say no. Also, somewhere along the way Harry and Liam show up and then don't bother leaving. This doesn't bother anyone at all; the problem only arrises when some other creatures of the night decide to stay too...

electric silhouettes . nc-17 . 3900w
Zayn gets tired of hearing the paparazzi and the fans cat calling Liam, so he kisses Liam in front of everyone to show them who Liam belongs to. Later they make a sextape because nothing's permanent and Zayn isn't ok with that.

blue skies & the morning air nc-17 . 3700w
College!AU where Zayn dresses like Iron Man and Liam dresses like Captain America for Niall's Halloween party and everyone knows those two are practically married in the comics so if that’s not a clear sign from fate, nothing is.

cops and robbers . nc-17 . 3600w
Liam is a cop in a tiny town where the worst criminals are teenagers who think spray painting 'DICKS' is the funniest thing ever. Them and Zayn Malik.

your love is wicked . nc-17 . 3500w
"Liam is angel, Zayn is a demon. They shouldn’t mesh, but they do."

*****why don't we just pretend nc-17 . 2700w
His blood is on fire.

we keep burning but we're no stars nc-17 . 2500w
"Liam isn’t sure where he stands on the topic of love. He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel anymore, or who he’s supposed to love. He doesn’t know what he should do, only what other people wish him to."

hold it against me nc-17 . 2500w
Fo the prompt: 'Liam and Zayn have sex for the first time and Liam comes too early because of the excitement. He's incredibly embarrassed but Zayn's simply amused, and he's all like 'it's okay babe, I'll just make you come again.''

let go of old aches . nc-17 . 2200w
Liam is tense and Zayn wants to help.

i've got a hangover, wo-oh! . nc-17 . 1700w
OT3 Zayn/Liam/Louis Zayn doesn't know how to get inside Liam's pants. Louis offers to help.

wake me up . nc-17 . 1300w
"Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing quite like a giant bed with soft, clean sheets that make you instantly melt into them and wish you could live the rest of your life trapped inside of them like you’re in a wonderful, incredibly warm and comfortable cocoon. And then on some other times, waking up on those clean sheets with the most gorgeous person you’ve ever met right by your side is much, much better than any cocoon based life you could ever dream of."

blowjobs & bathroom stalls . nc-17 . 900w
Title says it all. Sometimes when I'm bored in class I imagine Zayn giving Liam a blowjob in a bathroom stall.

open up for me baby . nc-17 . 800w
For the prompt: 'Established relationship. Middle of the night, Liam is really horny. Zayn is exhausted. Cue Liam fucking a semi-conscious Zayn (think "time to get up" part of the documentary) who is all too happy to allow Liam to do whatever to him, so long as he can just lie there and continue to get his beauty rest.'

*****it's like this . r . 5900w
Liam wakes up. Zayn isn't there. A story of how it's like, how it began, how it followed, how it ended and how they fixed it.

our way out . r . 2000w
For the prompt:  'Hey could you write a Ziam where Liam and Zayn are making out at Zayn's house and Zayn's dad walks in on them (Highschool AU). You decide the rest!'

young, wild and free r . 1300w
High School!AU “But we’re young Liam,” Zayn slurs out, tongue clicking in all the wrong places and syllables tumbling down like they can’t hold themselves up anymore, “we’re young, wild and free. Free like the wind.” He giggles to himself, like his quotation of a Snoop Dog song is the most hilarious thing ever and Liam giggles with him because he’s drunk too and Snoop Dog has a funny face.

sunday, wake up  r . 1100w
I wanna wipe out all the sad ideas that come to me when I am holding you.

i don't love you but i always will . r . 700w
"If pain was water he would have drowned a long time ago."

*****snail jellybeans . pg-13 . 11000w
Liam has been in love with Zayn since the moment he first saw him on the Hogwarts Express. Five years later and Liam still hasn't quite figured out how to tell him that.
Or, the one where Liam and Zayn are pathetically in love with each other (but take too damn long to let the other know), Louis refuses to admit he has crush on Harry and Niall just wants there to be a food marathon.

we belong to the sea . pg-13 . 2500w
"It’s worth it though; all of it is worth it for the look of pure joy Zayn gets when he manages to swim from one side of the pool to the other. It’s a mix of doggy style with a couple of basic movements Liam had taught him, nothing refined at all, but it’s still Zayn swimming and laughing and hugging Liam really tight as he whispers ‘thank you’."

love the way you lie . pg-13 . 1900w
"Sometimes Liam feels like the whole world is against them and that it’s in his hands to prove them all wrong. When they finish singing and Zayn still hasn’t looked at him, Liam wonders if the world is right."

*****in a dream . pg-13 . 1700w
In these dreams it's always you: the boy in the sweatshirt, the boy on the bridge, the boy who always keeps me from jumping off the bridge.

not our smartest choice yet pg-13 . 1600w
AU - Liam and Zayn get dragged to see the most awful theater play, and really, Tomlinson owns them big.

the boy who blocked his own shot pg-13 . 1500w
For the prompt: 'Liam and Zayn switched clothes at the Wellington show, and I just need Zayn's POV on Liam in his varsity jacket and how much he loves Liam even if he can't tell him because he's with Danielle.'

his hips don't lie . pg-13 . 1400w
"Turns out Louis had been true to his word when he said Zayn had recorded himself and some friends dancing like Shakira and posted it online."
----- Sequel take care of you . nc-17 . 2200w

stop thinking so much pg-13 . 800w
Zayn has nightmares practically every night, luckily he's not alone when facing them.

too late pg-13 . 700w zombies!AU
"Panic and adrenaline swam naked in their veins, screaming for them to run faster, to never stop running, to make their way through half the world if they had to, as long as they never stopped running. As long as they didn’t let the creatures get to them."

lightning flash illuminates your tear-stained face . pg . 5100w
Zayn is afraid of thunderstorms. He's been afraid of them almost all of his life. Somehow, Liam never noticed.

the only one . pg . 1200w
You are the proof that love is beautiful. You are the truth something unusual. You are my fire, you're burning like the sun. You are the only one. [song!fic]

you're the train that crashed my heart . pg . 1200w
these days zayn lives on cheap thrills, forgettable memories and hand rolled cigarettes.

in life there will always be tomato stains . pg . 1100w
For the prompt: "Liam doesn't like Zayn's hair". A fic in which there is a lot of crack, Liam has problems confronting people and beer pong makes a surprise entrance.

baking ingredients . pg . 1000w
Liam and Zayn go shopping for baking ingredients. Things don't turn out as expected.


deep blue . pg-13 . 1700w
niall lives in the ocean where everything is blue and old. zayn comes from the air world where everything is bright and young. in a stormy night, they meet.

alone pg . 200w
They're both insecure.

Louis/Greg James

a bit of a crush . nc-17 . 4300w
"What can he say, he likes a charmer, and if Louis Tomlinson is anything, he’s a charmer. He’s got the smile, and the stupid hair, and he made all the best jokes and Greg watched all the episodes and really, it was love bound to happen."

» Star Trek


wash away the flames . nc-17 . 2300w
The flames eat everything they can touch like a starving beast, turning into ashes what was once a blooming forest. The air is crowed with smoke, making it hard to breathe and see; his ears are ringing so badly from the explosions he can barely even hear anymore. His brain feels like it’s been fried and left to rot on top of the sun, the rawest instinct of survival dragging him though the fires until his legs finally reach the teleportation coordinates.

don't forget to jump . r . 13200w
Jim and Spock meet at the national gymnastics tournament and immediately become enemies. Except, of course, things are never that simple. A present day, gymnasts!AU.

*****crown of true kings . pg-13 . 71600w
A Hogwarts!AU set during the Triwizard Tournament featuring a confused but excited James Kirk, a reserved but somehow always in the company of other people Spock and a grumpy, overprotective, healer-to-be Bones; with lots of dumb book titles, secret passages, countless hours spent in the library and a really cool Astronomy project in the mix. This fic also features a sneaky Khan, Jim as the Hogwarts Champion and incredibly frustrating and hazardous tasks because nothing says ‘The Ministry of Magic is Mighty’ like throwing a bunch of seventeen-year-old kids into dangerous, life-threatening situations.

fire and ice . pg . 600w
They love each other.

RPF; Pinto

blame it on the beer nc-17 . 4700w
Chris invites Zach over for a couple of beers and to review some lines. Zach's not very sure if the sentence has acquired a new meaning to straight people while he was busy frolicking in the rainbow team, or if he's just overthinking it.

----- Sequel fumbling hands . nc-17 . 4200w
Chris starts a game with Zach without meaning to, luckily though, the game involves lots of mutual nakedness so it's alright.

» Marvel


*****suburban streets nc-17 . 20,000w
Let’s runaway together and not think twice about it. Let’s travel the world with endless bottles of Coca-Cola littering our dashboard, sleep on cheap motels and watch the stars from the car’s roof at night. Let’s stop in the little towns and the big cities, meet new people and start a new life. Smell the Pacific Ocean and see the Grand Canyon, make mistakes and fix them all afterwards. Let’s leave and never look back. (a fic in which Tony and Steve are high school runaways, and that sentence pretty much says it all now doesn't it).

*****the rain can't drown you nc-17 . 10,500w
College!AU where Tony Stark isn't the popular kid, in fact he's quite the opposite. Luckily for him Steve appears just when he most needs him.

as slow as you can go nc-17 . 3100w
Tony Stark can't have sex, at least he thought he couldn't.

if today was your last day . nc-17 . 2600w
You never know when you might die, and Tony can't stand the thought of dying without at least telling Steve how he feels.

love is a bad game with fem!Loki in the mix . nc-17 . 2300w
Steve tastes the inside of Tony’s mouth, alcohol and something else he can’t place, something sweet and terribly acid at the same time. It takes him a moment to realise that it’s probably the taste of Loki on the top of Tony’s tongue, and instead of repulsing him, this thought turns Steve on a thousand more times than it should.

***the best place for sneaky sex is the broom closet . nc-17 . 2000w
The Avengers work in the SHIELD facilities. And by work what's really meant is: under Fury’s orders they all stay cooped up inside the damn building for six hours everyday until they have to go out, fight some crime, and then come back for congratulatory pizza.

a scrap of metal . robot!fic . nc-17 . 1700w
In a world where Steve never survived the crash, Tony builds his own Captain America.

swimming pool . nc-17 . 1100w
Tony knows it's a bad idea as soon as Steve suggests it and looks at him with those big blue eyes, but he can’t for the life of him remember why swimming with Steve is such a bad idea so he accepts the invitation.

thor ships it . r . 3100w
Written for the prompt: 'Thor believes Steve and Tony are meant to be together, and comes up with all sorts of ridiculous plans to make it happen. Some of them involve Darcy and her taser.'

it's not dying, not really, it's just falling asleep . zombie!fic . r . 3000w

burning snake r . 1900w

not with a bang but with a whisper r . 500w

have yourself a merry little christmas pg-13 . 6400 w

- Sequel let it snow nc-17 .  2000 w

little child be no afraid pg-13 . 2700w

memories of the past pg-13 . 2300

you're Tony Stark pg-13 . 700w

this is not the way your father raised you . pg-13 . 400w

kick your ass pg . 3200w

when there was me and you pg . 1100w

what makes you beautiful crack . pg . 1100w

in sickness & in health . pg . 1000w

wish upon a star kid!fic . pg . 900w


everyone's the same with a heavy weight and a whispered face . nc-17 . 13k
Bruce and Clint's relationship described in five parts; how they meet, how they become friends and how they get together + realizing they're both idiots in love and there's nowhere else they should be

those flashing lights come from everywhere . nc-17 . 5000w

your mouth is Poison, your mouth is Wine nc-17 . 2300w

Something About Love . nc-17 . 2000w

The Most Careful Touch r . 800w

Ai Se Eu Te Pego . pg-13 ; 2900w

Fix Me . pg-13 . 1700w

It's A Loneliness That Makes Me Burn Inside pg-13 . 1000w

Resist The Danger . pg-13 . 400w

Surprise Hug! pg . 1200w

broken pieces of crystal glass poem


Warm My Bones And Tickle My Skin . nc-17 . 5200w

Suck On My Fingertips . nc-17 . 500w

I Love To Feel That Warm Southern Rain pg-13 . 1000w

the sun will come out Tomorrow pg . 1000w


Say Goodbye to Yesterday For Tomorrow Will Never Come nc-17 . 2100w

Melt Your Worries Away . nc-17 . 2000w

A Not Really Bad But Close To It Idea nc-17 . 1400w

It's Unexpected, So Unexpected . nc-13 . 2200w


Nick Fury's Missing Eye . gen fic . pg . 1100w

The Desert . drabble about Tommy from YA . r . 600w

Motane . Tommy/Bart . pg . Marvel/DC crossover . 1300w

» X-Men


You're Not Alone . nc-17 . 15,200w
Hank knows Alex hates him, although he isn't very sure why. Things change when he hears Alex sing.

Indestructible r . 600w
Come on skinny love, what happened here?

Gingerbread . pg . 900w
Alex cooks some cookies for Hank.


Not Going Anywhere professors!AU . nc-17 . 5100w
Erik and Charles are both great friends and professors at the university. Unfortunately for Charles, he feels more than friendship for Erik and his feelings are not reciprocated by the other man, or so he thought.

The Misery's Shadow . pg-13 . 1000w
Charles laid in bed quietly.

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